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Dosis was born from the union between TxusVeneno and Jey.Knight. Two young people from Bilbao who,
after roaming around the audiovisual world, have joined their paths together to bring a fresh and urban vision
in the creation of images from the city of Bilbao.
Tired of the conventional image and being conscious about the new era that we have entered, where the
digital image is the main pillar for businesses and human relations, Dosis bets for a creative, unique and
avant-garde image.
Making the spectator feel and sending a message has become a necessity. No empty images.
We specialize in Advertising, Branded Content, E-commerce, Videoclip, Editorial and Production Services.
For this we have a team of creatives and technicians with high recognition at a state level.
We also have our own studio of 250m2 in the center of Bilbao to develop and carry out our projects.
We have worked for national & international clients:
Thunderbitch, Lasttour, Universal, Oso Polita Records,CulturaRock, Sprinter, Nike, Puma, Fila, MediaPro,
BoomerangTV, El Desierto de Canada Films, EITB, K2000, New Media Digital.
We believe in the potential of Bilbao as a modern and lively city for the development of creative ideas as well
as for the attraction of international artists.


++34 685738364


Aita Larramendi 3-3º Izda.
48012 BILBAO
++34 685738364
++34 692708795

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